About MultiSped

Multisped as a company is dedicated to deliver the most reliable transport in the safest and fastest way possible. Our storage facilities and developed network of truck, rail, marine and container transport operate in a dynamic cohesion for your items to arrive at your destination without any problems at all. We execute our international transport of goods at competitive prices based on current market conditions and the quality of our services is always at the highest level.

CEO: Vlatko Serafimovski

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Many years of experience and a specialized team of employees offer a high level of logistics services. Logistics solutions that are based on experience and confidence that offer a huge advantage in meeting the clients needs. We offer all kinds of transport, from mass transport to bulk loading. We also offer 24h vehicle tracking which contributes to our clients satisfaction with the accuracy, accountability and efficiency that we provide.

Commercial Department

Is responsible for providing cost efective and reliable solutions to the customers in meeting their needs and requests. Follows the shipment of the customers, their timely and safe arrival to any destinations, irrelevant of the type of transport.

Finance Department

This department is responsible for overseeing the assets and liabilities regarding the companies we cooperate with and full foreign exchange operations in the foreign trade turnover.

Our company has the following strategic principles in its operation i.e. to provide and perform services of high quality, to make permanent investments, and to work towards maintaining the good relations we have with the companies we have long-term agreements with. It is every employee’s responsibility to perform his/her job responsibilities in a high quality, thorough, prompt and efficient manner by causing as less costs as possible. The employees may not violate the law and are obliged to reveal any act of law violation and consequently inform his/her employer about that in written.



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